How To Optimize Your LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a massive database and a powerful source to use for prospecting and generating clients. However, before you can really start seeing results, you must first optimize your LinkedIn profile. 

The primary areas that I’ll be discussing are your Background Image, Profile Image, Headline, About, and Feature sections. If you’re able to list Skills & Endorsements, and Recommendations, I highly recommend doing so… but I also know many Financial Advisors are not able to take advantage of those sections based on compliance and company restrictions. 

When all of these sections are fully optimized, you’re LinkedIn profile should tell a story… calling out who your ideal prospect is, the primary benefit you can provide them, and then all backed up and supported through your Feature, Skills and Endorsements, and Recommendation sections. While your LinkedIn profile by itself may not be able to close the deal, it will surely move your prospect in that direction. 

It still amazes me how many profiles I see still have no photos, a generic Headline and an About section that’s all about the Advisor and not the client. 

Remember, your prospects only care about one person – themselves! 

You must always be answering “What’s In It For Them”. Turn everything into how it benefits your ideal client and you’re well on your way. 

Now let’s talk about the specific sections of your profile.  

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