How To Build Leadership Authority


Everybody (or at least those who want to be a top 1% financial advisor and make multi-six or seven figures) want and need to build their authority with their respective marketplace.

But how do you do that?

How do you quickly build Leadership Authority… even if you’re just starting out?

There’s one shift that is absolutely paramount becoming a leader, developing authority, and having your marketplace take you seriously.

That one change is to go from C to P

to shift from Consumer to Producer!

You simply must start producing more.

Stop consuming.

And start producing.

Start sharing your knowledge and providing value on a massive and consistent basis.

Instead of scrolling through Facebook every day, go Live on Facebook every day. (quick tip: if you keep your video under 10 minutes, you can save and upload to LinkedIn as well.)

Instead of listening to podcasts, create a podcast (or at least be a guest on other people’s podcasts).

Instead of reading other people’s great ideas, start writing a blog with your own great ideas.

Instead of reading that next book, start writing your first book.

Provide value. Provide value. Provide value.

If you’re scared about putting yourself out there and producing content – get over yourself.

Find the medium (print, video, voice, etc.) that fits you best and start there.

If you’re so scared that you just can’t publish yet, at least start producing and just don’t publish at first.

Obviously, if you don’t publish then nobody will ever know about it and you won’t exactly be building that leadership authority… but if it helps you build that muscle, find your voice, and get more comfortable, then do that for a little bit. Just don’t do it for too long.

Start with 1 platform if that’s easiest and just get started.

Later you’ll want to be producing value across multiple platforms and mediums – after all, some people consume information through video, some read and some listen to podcast. If you leave any out, that’s a segment of your audience you may not reach.

But it’s better to start and be imperfect than to never start at all.

Sure, it’s going to be scary (most likely) if you’ve never done anything like this before. But guess what? So was riding a bike. Or driving a car.

But you did it anyway because the reward was worth the risk. Look at this the same way. The reward of consistently producing and becoming a leadership authority in your market is well worth getting over your fear of doing it.

And listen, at first… you may suck.


But then you get better. It gets easier. You get even better.

Pretty soon, not only do you start to suck less, but you actually start to get good at it.

You’re able to tell stories around the value you want to provide and engage your audience more. Then you’ll start to build your audience and more and more people will start to view your content.

Producing content is a muscle that needs to be trained.

And the more you produce the stronger that muscle becomes.

The quickest way to build leadership authority in your marketplace is to consistently produce content that your ideal audience finds extremely valuable.