Do you set Goals? Or make Commitments? You see, the Goal is the desired destination… But it’s the Commitment (the daily actions) that will get you there! Financial and Life Insurance Advisors have a bad habit of setting goals, but not making the daily commitment to achieve those goals. I used to be this way. …


How to be in the Top 1% on LinkedIn

Become a Top 1%

Looking for an EASY way to stand out above the crowd and become the “well-known” financial advisor among your network of connections? But before I reveal the answer, let me ask you… How hard do you think you’d have to work to be in the top 1% of something? Athletes train for years and years …

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Quit Running Sick Business

How To Fix A Sick Business

If your business were a person, how healthy would it be? 🤒 You see, for so long, my business was limping along taking punches from all directions… IT WAS SICK (maybe dying?) 🤢 But then I thought, if my business were a person and was this sick, I’d go to the doctor and seek help. …

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🛑 STOP HIDING 🛑 Now, more than ever, your potential clients need you! It’s time to stand up. It’s time to show up. It’s time to stop hiding under a rock or behind a computer. Become visible and share your message. Show people you can actually help them… by actually helping them (what a concept!). …

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