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It's not often we get to talk about ourselves. Here's a little something to break the ice.

Who we are and what makes us The Solution To Your Problems

“Success Does NOT Happen By Accident!”

If you’re a Financial Advisor wanting MORE prospects, MORE clients, MORE revenue, MORE time, and MORE freedom, which of the following would you turn to for the best results? 1) a financial advisor who has never been a marketer, 2) a marketer who has never been a financial advisor, or 3) two financial advisors with over 35 combined years experience in the industry and over a 10 years as marketers? 

Financial Advisors come to us because we are BOTH Advisors AND Marketers. 

And when I say Marketers, I don’t mean we’re marketers who work with a dozen different industries and one of them just happens to be financial advisors. 

Traffic and Pipelines ONLY works with Financial Advisors!

Sure… our solutions could help just about every business out there. But we are only passionate about and care about serving our fellow Financial Advisors. 

We’re here for you!


Don't be shy

Meet the Team

Michael Kittinger

Inbound Strategist & Lead Trainer

Michael spent over a decade as a Financial Advisor working primarily with corporate retirement plans. After leaving a corporate Advisory setting with a top 100 RIA, Michael found his true passion in Marketing and client acquisition systems.

Contact Michael at Michael[at]TrafficandPipelines.com or message us here.

Michael Kittinger

Daniel Hanzelka

Outbound Strategist & Lead Trainer

Daniel is a best-selling Author and speaker. He has spent over 25 years as a Financial Advisor helping clients with their planning, investment and insurance needs. 

Contact: Daniel[at]TrafficandPipelines.com or message us here.


Operations Manager

Marlene is a best-selling Author. But more important than that, she is really the one who keeps this team running in the right direction. Marlene is all about efficiency, making sound decisions and quickly moving forward.

Contact Marlene at Marlene[at]TrafficandPipelines.com or message us here.

Marlene Hanzelka - Traffic And Pipelines

Mark Diatel

Client Success Coach

Mark is a former Financial Advisor turned Coach. Mark is key in onboarding new clients and ongoing client success with weekly one-on-one coaching calls. 

message us here.


Tech Specialist

Nathanael handles most of the technology and integrations and making sure data flows between software. He is also responsible for a lot of our graphics, including the covers to all of the massive value Guides.   

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Glenda handles most of the direct organic LinkedIn outreach messages. She also helps manage emails and support tickets.

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Video Editor

Steven handles most of the video editing. A graduate of one of the top film schools in the country, Steven is a whiz both behind the camera and in the editing room.  

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Traffic And Pipelines is ALL about providing direction and guidance to Financial Advisors. As the name suggests, we help our clients generate a constant flow of quality prospects (“traffic”) and a proven pipeline to convert them into clients.

Michael Kittinger, Co-Founder

Some reasons why clients choose to work with us...

Reason #1

We have proven results, testimonials, and case studies. If you want to build your Financial Practice, we’re your guys.

Reason #2

We were first Financial Advisors, then Marketers and Client Acquisition Specialists. We understand your unique challenges.

Reason #3

We get results. Period. End of story.

Reason #4

We use proven strategies backed by smooth and repeatable systems and processes. 

Reason #5

We’ve helped our clients build relationships with tens of thousands of their ideal prospects.

Reason #6

It sure beats having to figure it out and do it all on your own. We’ve already done all the work for you.